You can download, print and mail the Membership Renewal Form, or else fill out the online form below.

Online Renewal Form

The benefits of membership include everything from community, breed education, access to activities and family friendly fun:

  • Dog and family friendly social gatherings.
  • Educational events like carting clinics.
  • Draft title events.
  • Newsletters.
  • Members only Yahoo Group.
    • Share dog stories.
    • Ask for help with your Berner's behavioral issues.
    • Brag about your accomplishments with your Berner(s).
    • Ask for support when things aren't going well with your Berner's health.
  • Rescue services.
    Your donations and club fees support rescue services.

How We Roll

Before filling out the BMDCO membership form, please read the constitution, code of conduct and bylaws. 

Club Constitution

The BMDCO constitution describes how the club operates. It's brief yet informative.

Code of Conduct

Whether you are owned by a Berner, breed Berners or supply Berner gear, please review our code of conduct so that you know our expectations of comportment at club events.

Our Bylaws

BMDCO bylaws go into detail about membership structure and how meetings are run. Like the code of conduct, the bylaws clarify how we put the values expressed in our constitution into practice. 

Excellent reading for a rainy day!

Why join?

BMDCO Membership

bernese mountain dog club of oregon

Membership Types

It's time to renew! Please renew your membership every calendar year by March 31. If your membership lapses, you must re-apply as a new member.

$25 - Associate (single or couple)
Entitled to all club privileges except voting and holding office. Offered to individuals who live outside of the club’s area or who aren’t active members (unable to attend at least 3 general meetings during the year).

$20 - Active Individual
Enjoy all club privileges including the right to vote and hold office!  An active member must attend at least 3 general meetings during the year.  An additional Associate membership can be added for $5 if your significant other would like to be associated with the club but can't attend at least 3 general meetings per year.

$25 - Active Household
If you are two adults residing in the same household, with or without kids, choose this membership. Couple memberships include the right to vote and hold office. Both active members in the household must attend at least 3 general meetings during the year.  Children in the same household have the same rights as a junior member. Complete one membership application per household.

$10 - Junior
If you are a minor and your parents aren't signing up for the family membership, then a junior membership is the one for you. Junior members don't vote or hold office. Automatically converts to regular membership at age 18.

Before filling out the membership form below, please read the BMDCO constitution, code of conduct and bylaws. The constitution and bylaws (PDF) are also available for download.

Join the club!

To join BMDCO, please download, print and fill out the New Membership Application, and then mail it to the address listed at the bottom of the form. At the next general meeting, club members will vote on your application. 

NOTE: Per BMDCO bylaws, applicants need to find a current BMDCO club member to sponsor them. 

Find a Sponsor

Want to meet a sponsor? We recommend attending BMDCO events, speaking with people showing Berners at dog shows and/or attending Meet the Breed events. If you’re in Oregon, you’re sure to meet BMDCO club members.

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The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Oregon (BMDCO) is open to all who are interested in Bernese Mountain Dogs - you needn’t have a dog to join. 

In addition to picnics and other just-for-fun events, BMDCO supports activities to improve the breed through research and sound breeding methodologies at the regional and national levels.

We also offer rescue services which include fostering, rehabilitation, healthcare and placement of Berners turned over to BMDCO. 

Note: $3 added above to defray PayPal fees. Applies to online payments only.


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